“Lightness,” one of the characteristics of AIRQUIN, has enabled the maximum use of any type of space.

  • The most light-weighted inflatable mannequin ever.
  • Enables to create unlimited usage of space.
  • Can be applied for any purpose and situation to create your own ambience.

AIRQUIN offers 6 shapes in 5 different colors, allowing you to create your original design of space with combination of the selection.

  • Variety of colors and shapes enhance your creativity.
  • Express yourself with your own selection of color and shape.
  • Present experience of designing you own space.

Deflated AIRQUIN can be folded into small and flat not only to take, bring but also mail in envelope to anytime, anywhere, requiring minimal space for storage.

  • Foldable + Light ▶ Portability
  • Can be carried at once. ▶ Mobility
  • Efficient Storage ▶ Require less space