Privacy Policy


This website is run and administered by mind create JAPAN (Hereinafter “The Company”) or by its proxy. If users of this website (Hereinafter “User” or “Users”) access the website of the Company, you accept these terms and conditions set forth below.

Changes in the website and others

The Company can make changes and suspend the administration of the partial or entire website without previous announcement. In such a case, by accessing the website, users are assumed to have agreed that the website policy on the renewed website shall be applicable.

Limitation of Liability

The Company will pay the closest attention to the information indicated on the website while performing due diligence. However, users expressly agree that all the information available on this website shall be used at your sole risk and that mind create JAPAN does not warrant the following points.

  1. Whether or not the available information is all correct, safe, and useful;
  2. Whether or not the available information is always the most updated;
  3. The use of the website may be limited depending on your communications environment, the specifications of your computer, or others;
  4. Any loss incurred from the availability or unavailability of the website;
  5. Termination of the use of the server or change, suspension, and discontinuation of information provision without previous announcement;

or any loss incurred due to the above-mentioned points.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights and other rights in relation to the sentences, images, moving images, trademarks, portraits, etc. (Hereinafter “Web Data”) all belong to the Company or to the original writers and other right holders. These intellectual property rights are under protection of the Constitution of Japan, legal requirements set forth in the Copyright Act, the Trademark Act, and other laws, and other international treaties on intellectual property rights (Hereinafter “the Laws”). The Web Data are not allowed to be used in any form without prior consent of the Company, the original writers, or other right holders, except when used for nonprofit purposes, for personal use, or for other cases authorized by the Laws. Even in the cases authorized by the Laws, problems may occur depending on the purposes or methods of use of the Web Data.

Prohibited conducts

The following conduct is prohibited when using this website.

  1. Any conduct that infringes or may infringe the property, privacy, and others of a third party or of the Company
  2. Any conduct that causes or may cause a disadvantage or a loss to a third party or to the Company
  3. Any conduct that defames or harms the confidence of a third party or the Company
  4. Other conduct that violates or may violate laws, regulations, local ordinances, etc.
  5. Other conduct that the Company deems inappropriate
  6. Any conduct that involves false notification or report, i.e. registering another person's email address, etc.
  7. Any conduct that disturbs or may disturb public order and standards of decency

Collection of Personal Information

The Company shall collect, use, and disclose the personal information only for the limited purposes that are deemed necessary for a fair business. The Company also discloses the purposes of collecting the information and provides the contact information of the Company for the collector and provider.

Management and Maintenance of Personal Information

The management of personal information shall be under strict control, and reasonable safety measures should be taken in cases of unauthorized access, leakage, losses, destruction, alteration, or any risk that may incur to the personal information. The collected data of users shall be maintained in the most updated state upon the users' request.

Efforts to Protect Personal Information

The Company shall continuously review, improve, and enhance the efforts to protect personal information.

Applicable Laws

The Company shall observe the laws and standards that may be applicable in relation to the collected personal information.